Welcome to Lara's local business community.

Welcome to Lara's local business community.

We're always the first place to look.

FREE directory listings for all local businesses.

FREE directory listings for all local businesses.

Including surrounding districts. Find out more.

10 Reasons to BUY LARA

  1. Enhance your sense of Pride and Community

    Your Town, your businesses, your friends and neighbours.  Why go anywhere else?

  2. Experience better Service as a customer

    Regional centres like Lara thrive on great customer service. This personal touch ensures quality service and happy customers.

  3. Enjoy better Quality products

    Locally bought produce can be of a better quality than mass produced items or those transported around the country. This is especially true of locally grown fruit and vegetables.

  4. Find what you're looking for Easily

    Buy Lara is the best way to find local businesses and information and if you want to get your business noticed it's the best place to be seen.

  5. Encourage Competition

    Lara has a great range of industry, small businesses, trades and healthcare. These local businesses offer products and services to meet the needs of their local consumers and provide better value for money.

  6. Buy Lara Specials and Vouchers!


  7. Reduce your impact on the Environment

    Don't drive extra distance, cut down on vehicle use, saving time, money and reducing you carbon footprint.

  8. Keep money flowing within the Lara Community

    Each dollar you spend at your local business is usually kept within your local economy. This creates jobs and supports local schools, sporting clubs, churches and community groups. So support the businesses that support your community

  9. Maintain Diversity in your neighbourhood

    Chain stores limit variety so it's important that local businesses are kept strong and viable which in turn enhances the vibrancy of the local culture and community.

  10. Support Local Families

    The local business down the road is owned by or employs members of local families. Keep money and jobs in Lara to help build a better town for you and your family.

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